All Aboard on Depot Street

Inaugural Blog

Welcome to the inaugural blog: All Aboard on Depot Street, an initiative of Protect A2 Parks. Since early 2010, our all-volunteer group has followed the series of projects directed at replacing the existing Ann Arbor Amtrak train station at 325 Depot Street and potential use of park land for a new station.

We support mass public transportation. We also support retention, maintenance, and rehabilitation of irreplaceable public park land in the center of Ann Arbor along the Huron River that functions to provide the multiple bene!ts of open space, green infrastructure, recreational opportunities, and a beautiful visual landscape.

In this blog we will:

-Provide information to demonstrate the value of the existing location of the Ann Arbor Amtrak station for residents and visitors to Ann Arbor,

-Review historical background of rail service in Ann Arbor,

-Provide notices of meetings and opportunities for involvement with decisions and opportunities that we anticipate will be presented to the public, and

-Identify actions to respond to questions and decision options for the location of the Ann Arbor Amtrak Station.

Please browse the web site, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We invite you to join us: All Aboard on Depot Street!

[Originally posted November 21, 2015]