You 15 Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’til It’s Gone

Put up a parking lot, wait 20 years until the public forgets the green space, then propose a parking structure. At this point, we could reverse the parking lot and return to green for recreation and open space. If the City of Ann Arbor proceeds with building in Fuller Park, it will have established precedent that will threaten any park in the city.

[insert video #1]

Fuller Park, looking southwest toward University Hospital.

(20 second view, click on video to view a transition from surface parking to built parking structure.)

[insert video #2]

(20 second view, click on video to view a transition from 1960s to built parking structure, train station, and roundabout.)

1. Ca. 1960: Fuller Park, with Olympic Pool, prior to re-routing of Fuller Road, and the Fuller/Maiden Lane bridge. Park land south of Fuller Road was green space, used for soccer, and was original city golf course.

2. 10/8/2017, Google map screen shot, Fuller Park south section with large parking lot leased to Universi- ty of Michigan

3. Combined view from “2017 Ann Arbor Intermodal Station Environmental Assessment”, p. 178, and “2014 Fuller Road/Maiden Lane/East Medical Center Drive Intersection Improvement Project”, Appendix D, p. 1, view of roundabout. The proposed train station would be located over the rail tracks. A !ve story, 1,300 space parking garage would be placed in the footprint of the existing parking lot that is currently leased to the University of Michigan.

[insert photo, Fuller Park, Pool, UM Hospital, from North]

Originally posted October 18, 2017